Estrella Damm Jean Reno Advert Song – The Little Things Film

Jean Reno in Estrella Damm Advert

Estrella Damm UK has released the trailer for a brand film called “The Little Things”, starring Jean Reno and Laia Costa.

Directed by Alberto Rodríguez, the film, running 16 minutes long, was released in 2016, in Spanish, by the brand of lager beer brewed in Barcelona, and features the “adventures” of Reno, who plays a famous French actor unexpectedly trapped somewhere in the Mediterranean for four days. He discovers the pleasure of enjoying “the little things”, helped by a young girl (Laia Costa), who is his guide and shows him what it was impossible for him to say as a line in the movie he’s working on, that “what really does matter in life are the little things”. She helps him immerse in the local community and fully enjoy the culinary scene, trying new food, and the local beer, Estrella Damm, obviously.

The soundtrack music is “Those Little Things”, a song composed specially for the film and performed by Ramon Mirabet.

The full film will be available at Estrella Damm’s website and YouTube channel on 2 June.

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