Enterprise Rent-A-Car Kristen Bell Commercial – Let’s Haggle

Kristen Bell in Enterprise Commercial

Kristen Bell returns in a series of new ads for Enterprise Rent-A-Car, promoting the company’s services.

In one of the spots, the actress, putting on her best car-buying game face, tries to use her haggle skills, but she soon finds out that it’s not necessary to do that at Enterprise Car Sales.

“At Enterprise Car Sales, we have thousands of great vehicles to choose from.” – says an Enterprise sales representative.
“Okay, well, I think I’m ready to buy. So let’s haggle!”, says Kristen rubbing her hands.
“Oh, well, at Enterprise we have no haggle pricing.”, answers the employee, adding that “It makes car buying easier.”
“Oh, thank goodness”, says Kristen relieved, admitting that last time she negotiated something, her kids got ice
cream for dinner all week.
“Hm, smart kids!”, concludes the lady from Enterprise.
“Yeah…” says Kristen smiling and adding, with a serious look, “Little swindlers!”.

The spot ends with Kristin urging viewers to rent, buy or share and asking “How can Enterprise pick you up today?”.

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