Dodge Vin Diesel Commercial Song – Brotherhood of Muscle

Vin Diesel in Dodge Commercial

Vin Diesel welcomes you to the “Brotherhood of Muscle” in the latest ad campaign released by Dodge, including three spots, running 30 and 60-second long, to promote its muscle cars and SUVs.

The American actor, who has thus made his partnership with the car manufacturer official, seems to be playing a role in a new installment in the Fast & Furious film series in the “Rally Cry” spot.

“Bring us your loud, your fearless, your unhinged. Everyone the world deems too wild and restless. Go ahead. Bring ’em to us.” – says Vin Diesel in the 60-second ad as a voiceover, while on screen several SRT and Dodge vehicles are shown speeding down city streets to get to the same destination, a shipyard, as it is revealed at the end of the spot, when also the actor is shown at the steering wheel of a Dodge Challenger SRT Hellcat, adding “And get out of our way” looking straight to the camera.

“Welcome to the Brotherhood of Muscle” is his final line, marking the appearance on screen of the brand’s tagline
“Domestic. Not domesticated”.

The song used in the ad is “Run Boy Run” by French music video director, graphic designer and singer-songwriter Woodkid, from his 2013 album “The Golden Age”.

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