ClearScore TV Advert – Moose (The Boxer Dog) Snoring


ClearScore TV Advert - Moose (The Boxer Dog)

The financial technology business that gives UK customers free access to their credit score and report ClearScore continues its ad campaign with a new advert starring Charlie, Lauretta and Moose, their boxer dog, famous for “Wat doing?”, “Where going?” and “Okay, I come to!”.

In the new 10-second spot, titled “Snoring”, Charlie and Moose enjoy some downtime on the sofa while Charlie checks his free credit score from “Wat doing?”, asks Moose, answering “Oh, ok!” and going back to sleep when he learns what Charlie is doing. The bulldog puts his head on Charlie’s arm and starts snoring.

The advert ends with the company’s tagline, “Your credit score. For free. Forever”.

Moose, whose real name is actually Gertie, has been the face of ClearScore’s TV adverts since July 2016, starring so far in four ads. ClearScore has revealed that a trainer comes to all the shoots (with plenty of treats) to helps them get all the best shots.

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