ClearScore TV Advert – Boxer Moose Afraid of Thunder

ClearScore TV Advert - Boxer Moose

ClearScore TV Advert – Boxer Moose

Charlie, Lauretta and Moose return to discuss Charlie’s free credit score in a series of new adverts for ClearScore.

In the 30-second spot titled “Thunder”, Lauretta asks Charlie, after seeing a ClearScore TV ad, to visit the company’s website and check his credit score and report. “Hey! It’s gone up this month!”, exclaims Charlie when his credit score is shown. At this point, his dog, Moose, with a large towel wrapped around him, shows up and asks him “Wat doing?”. Charlie explains that he’s checking his credit score on ClearScore, when a thunder strikes, making Moose get scared. “Oh, no, end of the wooorrrlld! Please protect Moose!”, says the bulldog trying to get on Charlie’s lap. “You’re such a drama queen”, says Charlie in response, petting him. “I’m not”, answers Lauretta, who’s watching on the window, believing that Charlie’s remark was meant for her.

The advert ends with the voiceover urging you to “take control of your credit score and report for free” with ClearScore.

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