Citi Double Cash Card Katy Perry Commercial Song

Citi Katy Perry Commercial

Citi continues its ad campaign promoting the Double Cash Card with a new commercial, starring Katy Perry.

The spot features the singer discussing the “final touches” with her creative director before her upcoming show. As in all the other ads released by the credit card giant, also these “protagonists” say exactly what crosses their mind about the subject. “Hey, Katy, let me show you how behind the schedule we are.”, says the man, looking up at the artist, who’s on stage. The latter, ignoring his statement, has some questions to raise in response: “Yeah, are those the pyrotechnics that are going to startle me from a distance?” – is the first one, to which she receives a “Yup” as an answer. “And my impractical wardrobe changes, those all set?” – she wants to know next. “Not even close” – informs her the director, changing then the subject and letting her know that some light is probably going to shine in her eyes at the worst possible time. “We’re looking at a real trainwreck here, am I right?”, asks her the director, but the conversation ends here because Katy is literally lifted up in the air by a wire.

“Wouldn’t it be great if everyone said what they meant?” – asks the voiceover, adding that “the Citi Double Cash Card does.” and mentioning that “it lets you earn double cash back, 1% when you buy and 1% as you pay”. Immediately after the voiceover says the company’s tagline, “Double Means Double”, a short part of Perry’s latest single, “Chained to the Rhythm”, featuring vocals from Jamaican singer Skip Marley, can be heard for a few seconds.

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