Burger King Commercial Song: King Savings Menu – Basketball Player

Burger King Commercial

Burger King continues its ad campaign promoting the King Savings Menu with a new commercial, highlighting that it’s hard to resist to its variety of delicious items.

The 30-second spot features Burger King cheating at a basketball game by showcasing on the side some of the King Savings Menu selections, such as a plate with 10 Chicken Nuggets ($1.49) and dipping sauce, a plate with two Croissan’Wich sandwiches ($4), and a plate with two Cheeseburger Meals, including fries and two refreshing drinks ($3.29), which make his opponent leave the court to indulge himself.

The King Savings Menu includes also three pancakes for 89 cents, for those willing to start the day with something sweet. The King Savings Menu selections are available all day.

The song playing in the background is “Get up on Your Feet” by Gary Crockett, Jason Glover Dominic Glover.

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