Budweiser Derek Jeter Number Retirement Commercial

Budweiser Derek Jeter Commercial

Budweiser honors Derek Jeter in a short film featuring the New York City replacing the number 2 with the “Captain’s” jersey number.

The video features, at the beginning, the New York Yankees captain’s final act and retirement, watched by millions of people, with the voiceover highlighting that “Jeter says Goodbye to baseball and New York says Goodbye to him”.
The clip shows then how, 962 days later, “NYC retires #2 forever” and where there used to be a #2 there is an empty
spot. But not for long, though. People are replacing the regular #2 with the iconic jersey number in Jeter’s honor in all the possible places: on coffee shops chalkboards, on outdoor billboards, on doors, where the working schedule is displayed, on buses, in restaurants, and even on the street signs. A special thank you to Jeter is written on the Kings Theatre, with the message “Forever our Captain. Thanks for the memories” and the number 2 below.

Captures of people raising their Budweiser bottles are also shown before the film ends, with the onscreen lines “If it’s retired here, it’s retired everywhere”, “Derek, this bud’s for 2”.

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