Bonds Commercial Song – Steen Jones (Graffiti Artist)

Bonds Commercial

The Australian underwear and clothing brand Bonds has launched a new ad campaign, titled For Aussies by Aussies,
that presents, for starters, the story of freelance artist Steen Jones, who founded and runs the graffiti-inspired art studio Few and Far Collective.

He spent an entire day with a Bond filming team, from sunrise to sunset, and the result is a dynamic 30-second ad, revealing how a (working) day in his creative life looks like. Jones, who’s sporting several Bonds pieces, has talked with the brand’s team about what inspired his passion for making art, about his biggest career highlight and about the piece of advice he wishes he’d known when he started out his business, saying that “Bad days only last a day. Don’t be afraid to experiment and it’s okay to make a mistake”. He also revealed that what he loves the most about Bonds trackies is comfort and that he lives in the briefs, “literally”.

The spot, featuring the song The Pay Day by Australian soul/indie/pop band Lowrider (from their album “Black Stones”), ends with Jones enjoying a refreshing beer and an amazing view in the company of a friend.

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