Best Buy Sony HT-MT300 Mini Sound Bar Commercial Song

Best Buy & Sony Commercial

Best Buy promotes the Sony HT-MT300 Mini Sound Bar, designed for small spaces, which helps you add an audio home theater experience to your favorite programs, in a new 60-second commercial.

The spot shows several persons using the Mini Sound Bar in their homes, in various rooms, depending on what they are watching and with whom, and highlights some of its features, such as virtual surround sound in any room, subwoofer that lies flat and fits in tight spaces. The HT-MT300 Mini Sound Bar provides wireless control from the Bluetooth device via the SongPal app and enables users to stream music from their phones and create thus easily the atmosphere they want, starting even a party with just one tap.

The song used in the ad is the 2017 single “Weak” by New York City-based indie pop band AJR (composed of brothers Adam, Jack, and Ryan Met), from their album “Weak”.

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