Banana Boat Dry Balance Commercial

Banana Boat Dry Balance Commercial

Banana Boat Dry Balance Commercial

Banana Boat promotes the NEW Dry Balance, available as a lotion or a spray in both SPF 50+ and 30+, in a commercial highlighting that it helps you feel “fresh, dry and comfortable in your own skin”.

“Banana Boat, the sunscreen that stays on in all sorts of conditions, introduces NEW Dry Balance” – says the voiceover in the 15-second spot, featuring a family of four (parents and two teenage kids) on a banana boat that gets from a pool to the mountainside. The voiceover mentions that “its unique formula absorbs excess moisture and helps leave you feeling dry and fresh” before saying the brand’s tagline, “We’ve got you covered”.

“New Dry Balance Sunscreen aims to eliminate that heavy feeling by absorbing excess moisture to help keep you
feeling dry and fresh, even after a day in the sun” – stated Tracy Garbowski, Senior Brand Manager of Banana Boat, last month, when it was announced the availability of two new product portfolios (the NEW Dry Balance and NEW Kids Sport Sunscreen) in mass grocery and drug retailers nationwide.

The brand of sunscreen manufactured by Sun Pharmaceuticals Corp and owned by Edgewell Personal Care highlights that the NEW Dry Balance has been tested to stay on in seven real life conditions – sun, pool water, ocean water, wind, sweat, sand and extreme heat up to 100 degrees – to provide safe and effective sun protection.

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