Apple iPhone 7 Plus Commercial Song – Asian Couple in Empty City

Apple iPhone 7 Plus Commercial

Apple iPhone 7 Plus Commercial

Apple continues its “Practically magic” ad campaign with a new commercial, highlighting that with Portrait mode on iPhone 7 Plus, you can focus on what you love and leave everything else behind.

The 60-second spot, titled “The City”, features a young Asian couple who feel like they’re the only persons in the city when they use the iPhone 7 Plus to take photos of each other. They initially meet up on a crowded street and when he takes his phone out to take a photo of her using Portrait Mode with Depth Effect the street noise dissipates and all the other people disappear. They continue their date through several places, where they keep taking photos with no one around.

The spot ends with them being surrounded again by hundreds of people heading in all directions and with the onscreen lines “focus on what you love”, “Portrait mode on iPhone Plus”, and the tagline “practically magic”.

The song playing in the background is “Sing to Me” by Walter Martin (of the indie rock band The Walkmen) feat. Karen O.

iPhone 7 Plus doesn’t have just one entirely new camera system, it has two. The same 12MP wide-angle camera that’s
on iPhone 7 works with a 12MP telephoto camera that can get even closer. That means you can get higher-quality zoom from farther away. And with an all-new Portrait mode, portrait shots will look better than ever.

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