American Greetings Tattoo Commercial

Mother's Day Tattoos - American Greetings Commercial

“A card is just a card, but in the right moment it means everything” – this is the idea conveyed in the latest ad released by American Greetings, the world’s largest greeting card producer.

The 60-second spot, titled “Tattoo”, features a young woman who gets her arms wrist tattooed with a message written by her mother in a birthday card. “You are the sunshine of our lives. You’ve brought us love, joy, laughter. Your inner beauty radiates from you. Happy Birthday! Keep shining! Love, Mum” – was the birthday wish in the card she’s holding on her knee while getting the tattoo.

As the ad comes to the end, we learn that the girl chose to get a tattoo with her mom’s hand writing of the message “Keep shining!” in her memory. When the work is done, she says she thinks her mother would like it.

The spot is part of the 111-year-old card company’s Mother’s Day ad campaign urging people to #GiveMeaning to what matters.

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