WestJet Commercial – Aaron Sanchez with Puppy

Aaron Sanchez with Puppy

Aaron Sanchez with Puppy

WestJet celebrates its status of proud partner of Toronto Blue Jays (Canadian professional baseball team based in Toronto, Ontario), in a new ad campaign, including a series of spots starring Aaron Sanchez.

In one of the spots, the Toronto Blue Jays’ pitcher gives the answer to a question raised by a person via Twitter, respectively “When you say WestJet Owners care, what do you mean by #owners?”. Using a very cute puppy, Sanchez explains what it means to be an “owner” as follows: “When you own a puppy like this, you love, cherish, and care for it. At WestJet, their employees can purchase shares in the company, so they literally own it and care for it just like a puppy”.

After giving this explanation, Sanchez asks the puppy to go fetch a baseball ball, and the sound of applause can be heard as the puppy runs on the field.

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