Virgin Atlantic TV Advert – Brexit Calculator

Virgin Atlantic Advert

Virgin Atlantic Advert

Virgin Atlantic shows you the bright side of Brexit in its latest advert, highlighting that you’ll be saving a fortune when you visit London.

The 50-second spot starts with a young man entering a bar in London while the voiceover, mentioning that the pound is now to 31 year low, states that you’ll be saving on literally everything when you travel to London and lists some of the bargains you’ll get, namely fish and chips (which was $7 now only $5), the cheeky afternoon pint (now you get four for the price of three), a bespoke suit, hanging out with three guys, a real English bulldog, an etiquette lesson from a Duchess with almost unpronounceable name, even hiring someone to announce your arrival with a bell. “So come to England and buy everyone a drink!”, advises you the voiceover, adding that “you’ll be saving a fortune when you visit London”.

The advert ends with the voiceover saying “there’s no better time to experience Virgin Atlantic then now” and inviting you to see for yourself a brexit calculator right now.

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