Thomson Advert Song – Get Paid to Travel with Scene

Thomson TV Advert

Thomson TV Advert

The UK-based travel operator Thomson is searching for people to travel around the world with their Scene squad and has released an advert to promote this amazing job.

“Fancy a three-month all-expenses paid trip to some of our hottest Scene destinations this summer? We’re looking for four people to help capture what our Scene holidays are all about in a fresh and exciting way.” – states Thomson, mentioning that the four persons, whose day jobs are not important as long as they are creative types, will be producing content to inspire others travel the world. Among the destinations the lucky four will thick off there are Ibiza, Cancun, Mexico, Zante and Croatia.

The 20-second spot, launched with the message “Get paid to travel with Scene this summer”, raises the following questions: “Want to live a life of travel?”, “Want to travel to Ibiza, to Cancun, to Croatia, to Zante?”, “Want to get paid to travel?”, “Want to live a life of photography?”, “Want to live a life of design?”, “Want to live a life of video?”, “Want to live a life of music?”, and, if the answer is a definitely “Yes”, invites you to apply until April 17.

The song used in the ad is “Breath of Fresh Air” by Clement Marfo, described by the latter as “an introduction” to his sound and style and as “a cocktail of musical genres, a kaleidoscopic of sounds, a multi-cultural soundtrack to life”.

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