Stimorol Commercial – Best Mom Ever

Stimorol Commercial

Stimorol Commercial

The brand of chewing gum Stimorol, produced by the Danish company Gumlink, highlights, in one of its latest commercials, that it has you covered for that time your best friend caught you after spending the night with his mother.

The 20-second spot, titled “The Morning After”, features a youngster getting up in the morning, taking his clothes off the floor and leaving quietly a bedroom where the older woman he has spent the night with is still sleeping. When he goes down the stairs, he finds his peer in the kitchen, having breakfast. When the latter asks him what he is doing there, he remains speechless, so, in order to pass a message, throws at him a pack of Stimorol, with the writing “Best Mom Ever” on it. In response to his friend’s reaction of shock, the young lover gives him a two-fingers salute and heads off.

The commercial ends with the voiceover inviting you to pass your message with the new Stimorol pack, featuring various messages, such as “Hello Gorgeous” and “You Are A Genius”.

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