Stella Artois Cidre Commercial Song – Three Apples

Stella Artois Cidre Commercial

Stella Artois Cidre Commercial

Stella Artois introduces Stella Artois Cidre in its latest TV commercial, highlighting that the new drink combines
three apple varieties for a perfectly balanced flavor.

The 30-second spot features three colorfully dressed youngsters – a woman and two men – at a picnic, dancing in sync on the rhythms of a cover of “I Really Love You” by The Stereos, which they’re listening to a vinyl record that has a red, a yellow and a green apple on it, like the apples used for the brand’s new drink. A little bird chimes in for a quick solo before they stop the dance to catch the apples falling from a tree above.

“Three apple varieties for a perfectly balanced flavor” says the voiceover in the spot, ending with the three friends toasting a glass of Cidre under a tree.

“Dry, balanced and very Belgian” – this is the taste of Cidre (not Cider), as it is presented by the brand, stating that it’s “not too sweet”, but “as crisp and delicious as the apples we hand-pick”, with “no sharp notes”, including only “elements working in such perfect harmony that one’s lips may hum”, and “finelly finessed bubbles for your next festive fĂȘte”.

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