Sprint Man and Dog Commercial – Topher Brophy & Rosenburg in the Bathtub

Sprint Man and Dog Commercial

Sprint Man and Dog Commercial

Sprint continues its ad campaign starring Topher Brophy and his dog, Rosenburg, in the bathroom.

The two Instagram stars, that found fame for looking the same in matching outfits, have taken their clothes off and got into a bathtub full of bubbles to promote the company’s Galaxy S8 2 for 1 Lease offer, which ends soon.
“A water-resistant phone works for us. Even when we’re naked.” – says Brophy holding a Samsung Galaxy S8 in his hand.

The spot, ending with the sound of a squeaky toy, informs that the 2 for 1 deal is valid with Sprint Lease and includes Galaxy Forever.

The campaign promotes both the new Samsung Galaxy S8, highlighting some of its most important features, and the Sprint’s GS8 2 for 1 Lease and its Unlimited Plan, which “works” for the two stars, as they go through a lot of data with all the photo snapping and posting.

The company invites you to lease a GS8 (64 GB) for 31.25/month and get a second GS8 (64 GB) $0/month after
$31.25/month service credit for 18 months. Or, lease a GS8+ for $35.42/month and get a second GS8+ for $4.17/month after $31.25/month service credit for 18 monts. There are also some requirements for this, namely 2 new lines of service or 1 new line and 1 upgrade.

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