Snapchat Commercial Song – 3D World Lenses

Snapchat Commercial

Snapchat features some of the new 3D World Lenses in its latest ad.

The service highlights that you can now add captions, color and even Bitmoji to the world around you with World Lenses, which are easy and fun to use. A rainy cloud, a rainbow, flowers, a floating “OMG”, Cute, Love – are some of the new lenses demoed in the 30-second spot, and part of the initial lineup, which will change daily.

The 3D Lenses, available starting today, appear when tapping the camera screen while using the rear-facing camera and, after being selected, they can be moved around the screen with the finger. They are “treated” by the app as if they existed in the real world, so they will get bigger if you walk closer to them, will move and rotate in accordance with the camera’s placement.

The song playing in the ad is “Sun Models” by ODESZA feat. Madelyn Grant.

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