Samsung Galaxy S8 Infinity Display Commercial – Unbox Your Phone

Galaxy S8 Commercial - Unbox Your Phone

Samsung’s “Unbox Your Phone” ad campaign, promoting the new Samsung Galaxy S8 and Samsung Galaxy S8+, continues with a new 30-second spot.

The ad features various videos on the screen of a phone that reveals to be the Samsung Galaxy S8 Infinity Display screen. A young woman is boxing and hits the phone screen, breaking it, a young boy is playing the drums and makes a side fall away, the members of a tribe are singing and dancing and, as they jump up, another side is pushed away, an old yet energetic man who “steals” the football of some kids running through the streets of a colorful town and hits it makes fall away another side of the phone, and a rapper in a concert hits the last side of the phone, unveiling that this was not a regular phone, but the new Samsung Galaxy S8 with Infinity Display.

The spot ends with the tagline “Unbox Your Phone” and the text “Introducing Samsung 8 with Infinity Display” on the phone screen, while in the background people are partying in a club.

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