Samsung Galaxy S8 Commercial – Infinitely Amazing

Samsung Galaxy S8 Commercial

Samsung Mobile USA introduces the new Samsung Galaxy S8 in a 60-second ad titled “Infinitely Amazing”, highlighting some of its most important features.

“The new Galaxy S8 opens when it sees you. It has the world’s first Infinity Screen, which makes your world infinitely bigger, and the camera fast enough to catch just about anything. It has big speed, an intelligent sidekick that gets to know you and understands the world around you. It connects you to home, so it feels more like home. And it takes you anywhere you can imagine, which makes it infinitely amazing.” – says the voiceover in the spot, showcasing the phone’s features.

The Galaxy S8’s Infinity Screen stretches from edge to edge, giving users the most amount of screen in the least amount of space, its dual-pixel camera is fast enough to catch just about anything and smart enough to understand what it sees, its Bixby Vision feature allows helps users to focus on an object through their viewfinder and tap the Vision icon to identify landmarks or translate foreign languages. The S8 allows users also to control hundreds of devices and appliances whether they’re at home or out of the house and, through its in-hand controller, it can take them anywhere on the planet, giving them also the chance to play games and to watch content with intuitive responses.

The manufacturer highlights that you can get a free Gear VR with Controller plus Oculus content bonus and Platinum Experience with Samsung Rewards when you pre-order the Galaxy S8 and, for an additional $99, you can get the full Gear VR experience including premium headphones by AKG and 256GB memory card.

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