Sainsbury’s Crunch TV Advert – Twins & Little Girl with her Dad

Sainsbury's TV Advert

Sainsbury’s launched a new ad campaign, titled “Crunch is Living Wells”, promoting the chain’s Groceries, offering a wide range of fresh vegetables, and highlighting that “There’s nothing more satisfying than crunching loudly on fresh Spring veg”.

The supermarket chain has released two 10-second TV adverts so far: the first one features a pair of twin boys in their room with one crunching celery and the other dancing behind him, and the second one features a little girl and her dad in their kitchen, crunching carrots.

Sainsbury’s invites you to shop now for fresh spring fruit and vegetables, such as carrots (loose) (£0.60/kg), Cucumber Whole (£0.50/unit), Easy Peelers Taste the Difference x6 (minimum) (£1.75/unit), Jubilee Large Vine Tomatoes Taste the Difference (£1.60/unit), Sainsbury’s Conference Pears x4 (minimum) (£1.25/unit), Sainsbury’s Loose New Potatoes, (£2.50/kg), Sainsbury’s Radish 200g (£0.50/unit), and many more.

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