s.Oliver Jogg Suit Wladimir Klitschko Commercial

s.Oliver Wladimir Klitschko Commercial

s.Oliver Wladimir Klitschko Commercial

Wladimir Klitschko stars in a new commercial for one of his key sponsors, s.Oliver, promoting its jogg suit.

The German fashion company released the 30-second ad starring the 41-year-old Ukrainian boxer, just a few hours
before his fight with Anthony Joshua, highlighting that the jogg suit is not only comfortable, but also a must-have
in each man’s closet.

The former world heavyweight champion of three major sanctioning bodies, that held the titles of WBA, IBF, and WBO, is shown waking up and going through his morning routine, which includes, besides taking a shower and brushing his teeth, doing some push-ups while he’s dressed in the jogg suit trousers. As he’s heading out, wearing also the jogg suit jacket over a T-shirt, he can be heard speaking in his mother tongue.

“Karl Lagerfeld once said: People who are wearing jogging pants have lost control of their lives. Sorry, Karl, everybody can be mistaken every now and then” – says Klitschko, delivering thus a message on behalf of the brand bankrolling him.

The spot ends with elevator doors closing as he utters a smile and with the tagline “Business as Casual”.

According to s.Oliver, the joggsuit, which is optically a suit through material and cut felt a sports outfit, is the must-have of the season. The jogg suit trousers can be purchased at the brand’s website at €59.99 and the jogg suit jacket at €159.99.

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