Ryanair Advert Song – Book Your Summer Break

Naples (Ryanair Advert)

Naples (Ryanair Advert)

Ryanair invites you to book your summer 2017 break with Ryanair in one of its latest commercials, promoting “the hottest destinations at the coolest prices”.

The 60-second spot, highlighting that summer is here, lists some of the destinations from the over 200 destinations you can choose from, such as Budapest, Porto, Toulouse, Naples, Frankfurt, The Algarve, Mallorca, and Thessaloniki, featuring images from the respective cities.

The song playing in the background is “Funk It How It Is Ft Alex Unreal Dm” by Santee.

Ryanair’s blog, which is the Ireland Blog Awards 2016 Winner, aiming to inspire readers and give them ideas of destinations, provides them with a variety of travel tips, including how to make the most of a weekend break.

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