Elizabeth Banks Commercial – Man Followed by Men

Elizabeth Banks - Realtor Commercial

Elizabeth Banks – Realtor Commercial

“They like what you like. They want what you want. They’re just like you. Except for one big difference: they’re not you. The not-yous are out there.” – this is the message conveyed in the latest commercial released by, stating that their website is “the only way to find your dream home before they find it first”.

The 30-second spot features a man finding a house on sale at and, as he heads to see it, hundreds of other men start following him to the respective house, where Elizabeth Banks welcomes him. “Wow, a lot of not-yous out there!”, she exclaims seeing the big crowd gathered in front of the house.

The spot, with a catchy song in the background, performed by a male voice saying “I got you, right now take me to a better place, right now I’m not like everybody else”, ends with the onscreen line “Find your dream home before not-you finds it”.

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