Pedigree People in Dog Cages Commercial – Pick Me

Pedigree Commercial - People in Dog Cages

Pedigree Commercial – People in Dog Cages

Pedigree tries to raise awareness for dog adoption around National Adopt A Shelter Pet Day (April 30th) and National Pet Month (May) through a short film that tugs at the viewers’ heartstrings.

The 75-second clip, titled “Pick Me”, features several persons of different races, ages and backgrounds in cages,
such as a kid with his eyes glued to a tablet, a teenage boy playing video games, a teenage girl writing texts on
her smartphone, a woman spending her time in front of the TV, looking at soap-operas, a long-married couple
disconnected, with each of them on a different device, a woman extremely busy with her work who declines a phone
call. At some point, the door of the shelter opens and all eyes are on the one that entered, which proves to be a
dog that, after taking a few steps around, picks one of the women living in a cage.

The film, released with the message that “with nearly 4 million dogs entering shelters every year, there are so many furry friends waiting to find forever homes”, ends with the onscreen line “Sometimes you need a dog as much as a dog needs you. Adopt”.

Pedigree, a long-standing supporter of dog adoption, informs you that you can make life better for dogs in need
by volunteering at a shelter or animal welfare organization, as these groups always need help with feeding,
maintenance, and office work, or by donating.

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