Pandora Spring Collection TV Advert

Pandora Girl Advert

Pandora TV Advert

Pandora invites you, in its latest advert promoting the spring 2017 collection, to pursue your passions, show your creativity and do the craft of you.

The 30-second spot, titled “The Craft of You”, features several women of all ages sporting Pandora jewelry and revealing what their jewelry means to them. “It reminds me of what I’ve accomplished”, says one of the women playing the piano with her young son next to her. Another woman, sporting rings and bracelets included in the new collection, and painting with her hands, says that “it’s valuable because it’s made with integrity”.

“I don’t need an occasion to treat myself”, says an old lady indulging in an ice cream. “It’s the little details that make me unique”, says another woman, out for lunch with her friends.

The advert ends with the question “What does your jewellery say about you?”, and with rings and bracelets included in the brand’s newest collection.

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