Nissan NV300 Van & Combi Version Advert

Nissan NV300 TV Advert

Nissan NV300

Nissan UK showcases the new NV300 in a series of adverts, featuring its Van version and Combi version and highlighting that each of them offers a panel of helpful and design accessories designed to improve the daily business of its owners.

The car manufacturer states, in the spot dedicated to the Van version, that, with the Nissan NV300 adaptable accessory line up, your cargo handling will become much easier thanks to the secure antislip floor and other features, such as the interior roof rack, the fixed towbar, the LED lighting, the heavy duty side panels, to the ladder, and the exterior roof rail.

The spot dedicated to the Combi version highlights that this is smart, spacious and offering a comfortable ride. Among the showcased features there are the door handle cover, the partition grill & divider, the wind deflector, the mudguard, the partition grill, thanks to which the kids sleeping in the back seats don’t wake up when the driver brakes suddenly, because of a couple hugging in the middle of the road.

Each version is packed with advanced Nissan technology and safety features in line with the brand’s Intelligent Mobility strategy.

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