Netflix Commercial – Introducing Thumbs

The Crown - Netflix

Netflix announced that its ratings are getting a makeover by eliminating the stars and introducing thumbs.

“The stars are no more a misunderstood hero… The stars were always a prediction of what you may enjoy, not the critics, not your neighbor. Ratings on Netflix have never been a reflection of popularity. So you might have seen 1 star of House of Cards, but your politics-obsessed cousin could see 5. Which is why we found a better, simpler way to help you find the perfect match”, informs the streaming service in the 60-second spot, referring to thumbs.

“It’s kind of like dating apps, actually.”, is is mentioned in the video, which highlights that Netflix will find shows and movies that seem like a fit (62% Match, 95% Match) and then you can decide if it’s true love or not.

The streaming service explains also the reason why this approach is being implemented: it helps Netflix to know you
better and make smarter, more personalized recommendations.

The spot ends with the onscreen line “Finding love is hard. Finding your next binge doesn’t have to be”.

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