NASCAR Austin Dillon Commercial – Acceleration Nation App

NASCAR Austin Dillon Commercial

Austin Dillon promotes the NASCAR’s Acceleration Nation App in a hilarious 30-second spot, directed by 14-year-old Amelia Conway, a rising star in advertising.

The ad, titled “Tutelage” and set in a school classroom, starts with two kids – a boy and a girl, who’s Amelia – teaching a lesson about the aerodynamics principles of drag and drafting and giving advice on what the students (now shown in the first place) should do in specific cases. “Drag is one of your biggest competitor, it slows you down. So make sure your car is streamlined.”, “And don’t forget to get an edge with drafting”, and “Take advantage of the high pressure air between your car and the one in front.” – are some of the recommendations made by the two passionate child teachers.

At this point, the filming angle changes, showing the students, “fronted” by Monster Energy NASCAR Cup Series driver Austin Dillon (driver of the No. 3 Richard Childress Racing Chevrolet SS), who asks his colleagues if they are taking notes.

The spot, which will air starting this weekend, during the Richmond races on FOX and FS1, ends with the voiceover
saying “At the track, in the classroom, and online. Visit or download the Acceleration Nation App today”.

Amelia Conway, who began acting and performing at an early age, has a portfolio including several music videos, short films, and commercials for Target, Toms Shoes and Beats Music.

Launched in 2015, NASCAR Acceleration Nation engages the next generation of NASCAR fans by creating fun, entertaining and educational ways for kids to interact with the sport. The dedicated website features games and activities that enable kids to test their math skills, for instance.

The NASCAR Acceleration Nation app is the sport’s first app experience created just for kids featuring racing-themed games, activities and fun ways to learn about NASCAR.

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