Motorola Rap Commercial Song

Motorola Commercial

Motorola celebrate 44 years since they demonstrated the first hand-held portable telephone with a colorful ad, featuring the evolution of its phones, and a cathy rap, telling a short story about the company’s groundbreaking innovation in 1973 and praising its ability to be a technology game changer.

“Let me tell you a story about a team with a dream. Never would have guessed we were bound for glory. Cause everyone just seen that our ideas were nothing more than science fiction. M O T O R O L A. We were on a mission. So on April 3, 1973, up in NYC, Motorola did something that the world had never seen. We made the first call on a mobile cell phone. And did I mention that we invented that cell phone? 44 years after, the DynaTAC and the RAZR, Moto never stopped being the makers, doers, creators, unstoppable innovators, technology game changers. So say Hello Moto, to the phone trend setters. We made the smartest phone ever. Different is Better.” – sings a rapper, while on screen various Motorola phones are showcased.

The spot ends with the various logos that Motorola used throughout its decades of existence on the telecommunications market.

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