M&M’S Easter Commercial – He bit me first

M&M'S Easter Commercial

M&M’S Easter Commercial

M&M’S have released a hilarious Easter commercial, wishing you Happy Easter.

The 15-second spot, titled “Mall Bunny”, features a furious young lady approaching a security guard in a mall and
telling him that she has a serious issue with the candy that the Easter bunny gave to her son. “Candy?”, asks the security guard thoughtful.

The next scene features Red (the red M&M’S candy) being dragged by two security guards outside the mall and him
defending himself: “I told you, he bit me first. The kid bit me first. He’s just walked into my mouth”, says Red, while his fellow Yellow is filming the episode and dozens of people are watching.

M&M’s range of flavors includes Dark Chocolate, Peanut, Peanut Butter, Dark Mint, Almond, Pretzel, and others.

Now, M&M’S makes Easter more fun with the Milk Chocolate Solid Bunnies with Minis, Easter eggs filled with M&M’S Brand Milk Chocolate Candies, FUN SIZE Milk Chocolate Candies, Pastel Chocolate Candies, delicious miniature chocolate eggs, available in two flavors (peanut butter and milk chocolate), the perfect Easter basket chocolate, and M&M’S Brand candies for Easter that you can personalize with the words, colors and even pictures you want.

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