McDonald’s Commercial Song – Middle Seat

McDonald's Girl Commercial

McDonald’s New Zealand has launched a new ad campaign, created by the agency DDB New Zealand, taking a fresh approach on an experience we all can relate to, such as being relegated to the middle seat.

The 60-second spot, titled “Middle Seat”, features a young girl who’s always sitting in the middle seat, with her older yet more infantile brothers by her side. For her, every car ride implies, besides less comfort, being stuck in the middle of all kinds of games, pranks, and even objects, such as bags of potting mix. Yes, not even when her brothers are not in the car, she doesn’t get to sit in another place. As the spot comes to an end, viewers get to see there is a silver lining in all that: when her parents put the McDonald’s bag between the front seats, she can nab the first hot fry while her brothers aren’t looking.

The song used in the campaign, which is about “fostering an emotional connection with the brand”, according to the McDonald’s New Zealand director of marketing, is “Stuck In The Middle With You” by the British folk rock/rock band Stealers Wheel, from their 1972 album “Stealers Wheel”.

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