McDonald’s April Fools Day Commercial – Micro Mac

Micro Mac - McDonald's

Micro Mac – McDonald’s

McDonald’s added the Micro Mac to the Big Mac lineup, and released a dedicated commercial.

The spot showcases the Micro Mac, described as the brand’s “newest, boldest Big Mac”, with the voiceover listing the ingredients: two small beef petties, a droplet of special sauce, a shred of lettuce, melty cheese, a petite pickle slice, a bit of onion, all put on a little baby bun, and an accountable amount of sesame seeds.

Launched with the tagline “Because you’re sometimes a tiny bit hungry”, the Micro Mac packs all of the flavor of the iconic Big Mac at 1/48 of the size. The chef behind it, Chef Mike Haracz talks inspiration and how he brought this micro-masterpiece to life in a short film, in which he also shows us how he created the Micro Mac.

“At McDonald’s, we’re always changing for the better. You wanted breakfast all day, so we gave you all-day breakfast.

You wanted new ways to enjoy the Big Mac, so we gave you two new sizes (Grand Mac and Mac Jr.), and now we’ve got something even better. When we came up with the idea to take the Big Mac micro, everyone was like.. “this is got to be a joke, right?””, says Chef Haracz, who states that, in order to “think small, you have to cook small”. He then shows us the special set of tools he needs to get the Micro Mac done.

Micro Mac is released with the tagline “Beefy. Cheesy. Tiny.”.

In case your reaction is “WTF?”, we totally get you, but don’t worry. There are slight chances the Micro Mac will be actually added to the menu, because the ad was created specially for April Fools’ Day.

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