Love Island Season 3 (ITV2 2017 Series) – Trailer Song

Girl in Love Island Season 3

Love Island returns to ITV2 with another season of romance rivalry and scandal, this summer.

The dating reality show, presented also this year by Caroline Flack, hosts a group of 12 singles in a luxurious villa in Majorca, where they pair up and, in order to win £50.000 at the end, they try to convince the public they have found love.

Last year, the crown was taken by Cara De La Hoyde and Nathan Massey, who won with 54% of the vote and shared
the money together. The two have been in a relationship ever since, even living together, until earlier this month, when they split. Couples Kady McDermott and Scott Thomas and Olivia Buckland and Alex Bowen are still together. Bowen has encouraged people to apply for this year’s series with a message in which he revealed that he proposed and got an “Yes” in response from his girlfriend, Olivia. “2016 was mine and Olivia’s year and what better way to round it off than proposing to her. I’m absolutely made up that my wonderful girlfriend has agreed to marry me. Love Island made our year – 2017 could be yours!”.

The trailer for the new season, released with the title “Get Ready for the Heatwave”, features gorgeous singles bringing the sun over a park and making people lose their focus. A guy leaves his girlfriend to get closer to a brunette and look straight into her eyes, another one is throwing himself into a fountain holding a girl’s hand, another one, supposed to be a goalkeeper, gets a ball in the head as he’s concentrated looking at a girl in a red swimsuit, a young mother drops the ice cream cone on her son’s head after seeing a bare chested young man washing himself into a fountain.

Soon, the park becomes a dance floor for dozens of youngsters in swimsuits, whose libertine spirit outrages an old lady seated on a bench nearby, but not her husband who, at the end of the promo, is shown starting to take his clothes off, as well.

The song playing in the background is “Touch The Sky” by Cedric Gervais feat. Digital Farm Animals & Dallas Austin.

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