Jolly Rancher Commercial – Joel Embiid

Jolly Rancher Commercial

Jolly Rancher Commercial

Jolly Rancher invites you to check out Joel Embiid in their latest commercial, promoting the fruit flavored hard candies.

“Being a rookie sucks – especially when you’ve been one for three years” – this is the idea behind the 15-second spot, starring the pro basketball player for the Philadelphia 76ers eating a Jolly Rancher candy.
“Sitting out his first two seasons for boo boos. And now out for the season after we shot this commercial. With a rookie year lasting longer than a Jolly Rancher, Joel “The Process” Embiid.”, says the voiceover, introducing the player, who stamps on a candy on his way. The spot ends with the brand’s tagline, “Keep on sucking!”.

Embiid, whose rookie year ended early because of an injury (a small tear in his meniscus), posted a message on Twitter, making fun of the ad that’s making fun of his rookie period. “Sucks when you are in a commercial, but it’s making fun of how long you’ve been a rookie”, wrote Embiid on the social network, adding emoticons that are laughing out loud.

Jolly Rancher is a brand of sweet, hard candy, gummies, jelly beans, fruit chews, lollipops, gum, gelatin desserts, and sodas, currently owned by The Hershey Company.

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