Jimmy Dean Breakfast Bowls Mid-Morning Wall Commercial

Jimmy Dean Wall Commercial

Jimmy Dean Wall Commercial

Jimmy Dean highlights that its Breakfast Bowls help you avoid hitting the mid morning wall, in its latest commercial.

“Before I started eating this protein-packed Jimmy Dean bowl for breakfast, I was always hitting that mid-morning wall”, says a man at the beginning of the 30-second spot, featuring him hitting the “mid-morning wall” on the street, on his way to work, at the office, while trying to get the elevator, and during important presentations.

“But then everything changed.”, he adds smiling, with an aura above his head.

The ad ends with the voiceover saying that Jimmy Dean Bowls, with up to 24 grams of hearty protein, help you avoid hitting the mid-morning wall, and adding the brand’s tagline, “Shine On”.

Jimmy Dean’s range of products includes, besides Breakfast Bowls, also fresh sausage, fully cooked sausage, sandwiches, bacon, skillets, omelets, pancakes & sausages, stuffed hash browns, and delights, such as Bacon and Spinach Frittatas, Turkey Sausage and Bacon Frittatas, Turkey Sausage and Veggies Frittatas, Applewood Smoke Chicken Sausage, Egg Whites, & Cheese Muffin Sandwiches, Bacon, Egg & Cheese Honey Wheat Flatbreads, Turkey Sausage, Egg White & Cheese Crossants, Bagels, and others.

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