Intel The Future Of Healthcare Commercial

Intel Commercial - The Future

Intel continues its campaign “We know The Future because we’re building it”, promoting Intel technology and the
way it can tansform any business or industry, with groundbreaking innovations that help them become smarter,
faster and more connected than ever, with a new ad, presenting the future of healthcare.

The spot features The Future, portrayed by a young man, at a doctor’s practice.

“So, The Future, what brings you in here today?”, asks the doctor entering the room.
“To be honest, doc, I’m a little stressed out. I don’t sleep much anymore. Everywhere I go, it seems that people are worried about the future.”, answers The Future, adding that this is bumping him out.
“Well, everyone around here loves the future.”, answers the doctor, whose statement is confirmed by her assistant,
that says “Around here The Future is a bit of a celebrity”.
The doctor adds that they’ve been working with Intel to do some amazing things and gives as examples the DNA analysis and a more precise treatment plan on the same day, and the access of patients to personalized medicine.
“Yeah, it’s a lot.”, says The Future in response, leaving the doctor shocked by what The Future holds for healthcare.

The spot ends with the onscreen line “Intel is making personalized medicine a reality” and with the voiceover
saying the tagline “We know The Future because we’re building it”.

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