Google April Fools’ Day Commercial – Google Gnome

Google Gnome Commercial

Google Gnome Commercial

Google celebrates April Fools’ Day with a new commercial, featuring Google Gnome, that can tranform your yard. How? You can see in the dedicated ad.

The 90-second spot starts with a family (husband, wife and their young son) in their living room, asking Google Home to stream Stranger Things from Netflix to their TV. The voiceover introduces then, “from the people that brought you Google Home”, the “next evolution of the smart home”, just outside your window, Google Gnome.

“Hi, how can I help?”, asks Google Gnome, ready to help its owners. “Ok, Gnome, what’s the weather like outside?”, asks the man, who is in the backyard, a few meters away the Gnome. “The weather outside is sunny and 76 degrees.”, informs him Google Gnome. “He’s right.”, decrees the man, content that he’s gotten correct information. His wife has other requests; she asks Google Gnome to turn on and off the hose she’s holding and to add milk to her shopping list, which Gnome can’t do because this is an “indoor request”.

The man, on the other hand, keeps asking for information. “Ok, Gnome, can I eat this lemon tree leaf?”, he asks. After receiving a “Yes” in response, he comes up with another question: “What about this daisy?”. “Yes, but I wouldn’t recommend it.”, answers Google Gnome. “Ok, but I could eat it?”, insists the man, holding the two plants. Another question is related to an empty plastic glass: “Ok, Gnome, is this compost?”. Google Gnome’s response leaves his son obviously thoughtful: “Really, we’re all compost if you think about it. Pretty much everything is made up of organic matter and we’ll return to organic matter.” “So just regular trash, then?”, he asks again to have a confirmation, ignoring the philosophical aspect of the response.

The couple also ask Google Gnome to play some cool music and, after listening for a few seconds to heavy rock music, they ask Gnome to play something else.

The spot ends with the voiceover saying the tagline “The smart yard is finally here.”

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