GoDaddy Canada Jonas Valančiūnas’s Employees Commercial – Itty Bitty Business

Jonas Valančiūnas - GoDaddy Commercial

Jonas Valančiūnas – GoDaddy Commercial

GoDaddy Canada continues its ad campaign starring Jonas Valančiūnas with a new commercial, promoting the company’s new Website Builder.

The 30-second spot features the basketball player for the Toronto Raptors, also known as JV to fans, saying that his business (called Itty Bitty Ballers and selling tiny JV figurines), is booming since he set up his website with GoDaddy, and that he even hired his first employees. At this point, we get to see his employees, Raptors teammates Lucas Nogueira and Patrick Patterson, focused on their job, who also have some lines. Patterson asks, a little bit annoyed, “Hey, JV, when can I make me?” and Noguera says “Ya, man, I’m seek of making you”. JV doesn’t give them a response, but stimulates them “Come on, guys, let’s hustle”, and continues his speech, talking about GoDaddy’s New Website Builder, which “makes everything easy” and enables him to even make updates on his phone.

The spot ends with Valančiūnas inviting you to go to GoDaddy Canada’s website if you have ideas for Itty Bitty businesses and with the onscreen line “Get a 1-month free trial of the New GoDaddy Website Builder”.

GoDaddy states that its new Website Builder helps users removing the challenges of building a website and online presence by getting them online quickly and easily. It also helps small businesses get found by current and potential customers and enables engagement with them. Thanks to its integrated marketing features, people can quickly improve their search rankings on Google and get their business on Facebook, leveraging the information and photos from their website.

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