Giffgaff Girl Flying Into Space Advert Song

Giffgaff Flying Girl TV Advert

Mobile network Giffgaff has released a new advert, highlighting that “with no contract, you’re free to go, free to stay”.

The 90-second spot, created by Who Wot Why and titled “The big swim”, features a woman in a yellow swimsuit ready to jump into a pool, who flies into space and, after going on the Moon and Mars, returns to Earth, finally diving into the pool.

The song playing in the background is “Stay With Me Baby” by American pop group of the 1960s and 1970s The Walker Brothers, from their 1967 album “Images”.

The ad premiered on April 21, during the talk-show The Last Leg, airing on Channel 4, and is supported by radio, press and social.

Giffgaff, named the uSwitch Network of the Year 2017, provides its customers with freedom and flexibility, by giving them the chance to grab a SIM-only deal and recommending the right plan for them, and offering unlocked phones, that can be paid either upfront or in monthly installments.

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