GEICO Commercial – Out of Gas

GEICO Commercial - Out of Gas


GEICO continues its ad campaign promoting the GEICO app and the Emergency Roadside Service with a new commercial featuring a stranded group of cyclists who get their car back on the road with the GEICO app.

The 30-second spot shows how the three men find themselves stranded in a deserted area, out of gas, and the driver (Asif Ali), without saying a word or allowing his friends say a word, takes his phone out and asks for help through GEICO’s Emergency Roadside Service. He taps the issue he’s encountered (“I’m out of gas”), selects his location and, in no time, a service person (Sarah Chaney) arrives and pours gas into their gas tank. After being able to hit the road again, the man in the back seat (Mikey McKernan) starts slurping loudly.

The ad ends with the tagline “Some things are easier done than said” on screen and the sound of loud slurping continuing.

Emergency Roadside Service from GEICO ($14 a year, per car) helps with replacing a flat tire with your spare, jumping a dead car battery, sending a locksmith when you’re locked out, delivering gas when your tank is empty, and towing (not related to an accident).

GEICO’s mobile app makes Roadside Assistance even easier because all it takes for users to do is select from the list the problem they’re having and their location and they’ll get help.

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