Gatorade Flow Smooth Finish Patrick Kane Commercial

Patrick Kane - Gatorade Commercial

Gatorade continues its ad campaign promoting the new Gatorade Flow Smooth Finish with a new commercial, starring Patrick Kane.

After the release of the ad featuring basketball player Paul George, the sports drink and food brand introduces the ice hockey right winger for the Chicago Blackhawks in a 30-second spot.

The ad features him taking a swig of Gatorade Flow on the bench, while the sportscaster comments that “it’s all tight up in Chicago”. “I got this” – it’s Kane’s thought, expressed by his voice in the background, before going on ice and releasing a shot, which is shown in slow motion, just like in the spot featuring Paul George. “Game over” – thinks Kane when he hits the puck.

In the meantime, he gets back to his bottle of Gatorade Flow, to take another swig and, anticipating the moment the puck will hit the back of the net, says “Boom” (right before starting to drink).

The ad ends with the voiceover saying “You got flow, you know. New Gatorade Flow – all the flavor with a new smooth finish”.

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