Delta Air Lines Commercials – VR Fishing

VR Fishing - Delta Commercial

VR Fishing – Delta Commercial

Delta Air Lines has released a series of new ads, highlighting that “you can watch. Or you can do”.

The spots, running 15 second long, are an invitation for you to go see your world instead watching other people’s world. “You got a whole world to explore. Why are you watching ours?”, asks an athlete competing in a race, looking at the camera. “You could be exploring your world, but you’re here watching mine.”, remarks a Scottish piper.

“You can go anywhere. Why sit down watch me go nowhere?”, asks an office employee fishing in virtual reality, with a VR headset gear on. “I have to be here.”, says another man kayaking on a fall, adding “But you don’t. Go see your world instead of watching mine!”.

The commercials end with the onscreen line “Don’t just watch. Do” and with the airline’s tagline, “Keep Climbing”.

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