Confused TV Advert Song – Mother and Kids

Confused TV Advert

Confused TV Advert continues its #LoveDriving campaign with a series of new spots, highlighting the feelings of independence, freedom and/or joy driving brings.

One of the ads features a woman taking her son and some of his friends to a football match by car and then taking them back home. The ride with the kids in the back seat, while they are telling stories and jokes and celebrate the victory, the coffee she has at the steering wheel, before hitting the road, the connection she makes with her young boy – all these moments make her cherish her life and also driving.

The song used in the ad is “No Regrets” by Guatemalan singer-songwriter and guitarist Gaby Moreno, from her 2011 album “Illustrated Songs”., the first & longest-running UK insurance comparison site, invites you to share your fondest driving memories by posting an Instagram image or tweet using the hashtag #LoveDriving on Instagram or Twitter for your chance to win £250 worth of Amazon vouchers.

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