Chipotle Mexican Grill John Mulaney Commercial – Julius

John Mulaney - Chipotle Commercial

John Mulaney – Chipotle Commercial

Chipotle Mexican Grill has launched a new ad campaign titled “As Real As It Gets”, to highlight that, in this world with “too much fake” and “too many half-truths”, which “could use a whole lot more real”, their food is made only with real ingredients, “like you’d find in a grocery store” (51 – to be precise, that can all be checked at their website).

The American chain of fast casual restaurants, aiming to have its food standing as “a beacon of realness to the world”, has recently opened up its burrito to visitors, who are actually celebrities that open up on the comfy couch inside the Burrito. The guests that have done this, so far, are Jillian Bell, John Mulaney, and Sam Richardson.

“You’re inside a Chipotle burrito, where everything is real, so be real!” – is the piece of advice given to Mulaney when entering the burrito. After sitting himself on the coach, the comedian is asked to talk about school and the friends he had back then.
“Did you have a lot of friends?” – is the question made by the Burrito.
“Yeah, yeah, I did”, answers Mulaney with a large smile on his face, and, when is asked to name one, he says “Julius”.
“What did you and Julius do?” – is the next question made by the Burrito.
“I had on a backpack, I was eight, and then he’d always, I’ll never forget this… He’d always give me a high five.” – tells Mulaney, who is forced to admit, when summoned to full name Julius, that Julius was actually a crossing guard.
“So, no friends.” – concludes the Burrito.
“No friends, no.”,- confirms Mulaney to be real 100%.

The commercial ends with the tagline “As Real As It Gets” written on a burrito.

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