Chipotle Mexican Grill Gillian Bell Commercial – Musician

Chipotle Commercial - Gillian Bell

Chipotle Commercial – Gillian Bell

Gillian Bell, John Mulaney and Sam Richardson get real in the latest ad campaign launched by Chipotle Mexican Grill, titled “As Real As It Gets” and aiming to highlight that the chain’s food is made only with real ingredients.

The three celebrities are the Chipotle Burrito’s guests and make confessions on the cosy couch inside the Burrito, in their conversation with the Burrito, while live soothing piano music is playing in the background.

In the 30-second “Musician” spot, Jillian, who has been advised, like the other guests, to “just be real” when she entered the Burrito, gets real about how she has a thing for musicians, but not all musicians.

“Well, I kind of have a thing for musicians.”, says the comedian.
The Burrito laughs and asks Richard, the piano player, if he heard that to tease him (because he’s a musician, of course, and Jillian might have a thing for him, as well).

“No, not this guy.”, mentions Jillian, adding that she meant like a real musician, like “someone who’s like a drummer, tight leather pants, and… and a tour bus”. “You probably go on a bus, huh, to get to work?”, she asks Richard.

When he nodds in response to her question, Jillian continues her not very flattering speech: “Yeah, like a regular person bus” and laughs.

“So, not Richard?”, asks the Burrito.
“No, not him.”, answers promptly Jillian, adding then “No offence” so that Richard couldn’t have his feelings hurt.

The spot ends with the tagline “As Real As It Gets” written on a burrito.

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