Cheapflights EscEscape Commercial

Cheapflights Commercial

Cheapflights Commercial

Cheapflights promotes, in a 60-second ad, EscEscape, the free extension that enables users to find the perfect flights with just two taps of their Esc key.

The spot, created with computer graphics animation technology and aiming to highlight that “finding the cheapest flights has never been easier”, features a young man telling the story of how he discovered that “life can also be cool” with EscEscape from Cheapflights.

“My life had hit rock bottom. The disappointments were never ending. The one I loved stabbed me in the back, and every attempt to correct it was in vain. As I stared the devil in the eyes (referring to his boss, yelling at him), I made my decision. It was time to escape. I downloaded the EscEscape extension from Cheapflights and pressed Esc twice. It searched thousands of flights to find a perfect destination for me.” – says the man, concluding that “life can be cruel, but life can also be cool”. “Merci, Cheapflights”, adds the man, while sunbathing by the pool, with a cocktail in his hand.

The spot ends with the invitation for you to download the EscEscape extension and find a cheap flight with just two taps. Cheapflights finds you the perfect weekend getaway, based on price, flight time and your location.

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