Chanel Gabrielle Bag Commercial – Pharrell Williams

Pharrell Williams - Chanel Commercial

After the teaser dropped on Friday, today Chanel released the Gabrielle handbag campaign film starring Pharrell Williams.

The video features the artist, who’s sporting a grey cotton T-shirt, a black jacket, lots of chains and a Gabrielle Hobo Bag across his shoulder, entering an empty warehouse full of music stage equipment. When no one answers to his “Helloo”, he starts playing around, and climbs on a “mountain” of trunks and does a balancing act on a steel structure, for which he gets a round of applause for a little boy, that shows the palm of his hand, with the writing Gabrielle on it. Initially he doesn’t understand the meaning of this text, but then, looking at his bag, he does and can’t help but utter a smile.

Pharrell, who became the first man to ever star in a handbag ad for the French fashion house, revealed that when he first started wearing the Gabrielle bag, he didn’t have anything in it, and that now he uses it to carry his phone and “essential personal things”.

The Gabrielle campaign, by creative director Karl Lagerfeld, includes other three films, starring Cara Delevingne, Kristen Stewart, and Caroline de Maigret.

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